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Kitchen Tip: Softened Butter


Butteryum food blog recipes

Kitchen Tip: Softened Butter

Patricia Reitz

Kitchen Tip: Softened Butter - ButterYum

Kitchen Tip: Softened Butter - ButterYum

Properly Softened Butter - ButterYum

Here's a quick tip that will help ensure your baking projects turn out well.

  When a recipe calls for softened butter, the temp of the butter should be between 65 and 70 degrees F - it should have the appearance of chilled butter...

but it will easily squish when pressed.


If your the butter gets too warm, it will start to separate and look oily.  If that happens, it's best to either melt it down and use it in a recipe that calls for melted butter, or use it on toast or pancakes.

Happy Baking!