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Butteryum food blog recipes

Symphony Brownies

Patricia Reitz

Symphony Brownies - ButterYum

Symphony Brownies - ButterYum

brownies almond toffee symphony

brownies almond toffee symphony

I couldn't resist trying these brownies when I heard all the oohs and ahhs from friends who were sampling them at a recent get together.

Wow, were they good... and I was totally hooked on the crunchy little sweet bits inside! I knew I had to find out more about these wonderful little morsels of joy - so off I went to find their maker, who was more than happy to tell me all about them. Only one catch, there was no recipe... nope, these little bits of goodness were made from a boxed brownie mix and candy bars (what? yes, it's true).

The scratch baker in me thinks these have got to be even better when made from a scratch recipe, but if you're not into that, or if you want a super fast, no-fuss brownie that will have you fighting off the compliments and recipe request, here's what you'll need:

Symphony Brownies

makes 1 9x13 pan

Printable Recipe


  • 18.3oz box brownie mix (recipe for a 9x13 pan)

  • 3 large Hershey's Symphony Almond and Toffee Bars (about 12 ounces)


  1. Mix the brownie batter according to the directions on the box.

  2. Pour 1/2 the batter into a 9x13 cake pan.

  3. Unwrap the 3 chocolate bars and lay them side-to-side in a single layer on the brownie batter.

  4. Top with remaining batter and bake according to the directions on the box.

  5. Cool completely before cutting.

Note: I found the jumbo Symphony bars at Wal-Mart for only $1 each. Next time I'll try these with a scratch brownie recipe and homemade toffee candy, or maybe Toblerone chocolate - oh my!