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New Pantry - Part 2

Patricia Reitz

Remember these lovable knuckleheads from my post New Pantry - Part 1?

They came for a visit one weekend and transformed this baron space by building me a new pantry to replace that itty-bitty broom closet pantry that my house came with. It was a deep, dark, cave-like pit of despair (yes, it's that narrow door on the right - what a joke, right?).

Here's the initial after photo - still needed to be painted inside and out, and have shelves installed, but the completed project was in sight - Whoo-hoo!

I was going to tackle the painting myself, but I was kind of dreading the thought of painting the inside of the 14-inch deep, 9-foot tall space, when a young man in our church announced that he was starting his own painting business - Yeah!  so I hired him.  BUT, he wasn't interested in installing the shelving.  

So hubby agreed to install the shelves for me. Because this pantry is only 14-inches deep, the selection of shelving I could use is very limited. I couldn't decide between white laminate shelves, or tight mesh wire shelving specifically designed for pantries. I finally decided on the tight mesh wire shelves. We went to buy them yesterday, but we didn't know the 12-inch wire shelving has to be special ordered, so we opted for the white laminate shelves, which were in stock and available.

I'm actually very pleased with them - they're much higher quality than I expected. I wanted to load them up with lots of heavy things, and I didn't want the shelves to ever bend or bow, so hubby installed 5 metal support (one on each stud - such a man thing to do). Then he patiently moved the shelves up and down several times while I played around trying to decide where to put everything. He's such a good guy!

And here it is! I'm so happy!!!

Believe it or not, all of that stuff came out of the itty-bitty pantry... amazing!  Eventually I'm going to transform the old pantry into a storage closet for all my pots and pans... I have a ton of them, so stay tuned!

Update - Here it is, my newly transformed pot/pan storage closet.


Thanks guys - I LOVE my new pantry!!!!