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New Pantry - Part 1

Patricia Reitz

Get a load of these two knuckleheads. Truth be known, they're not really knuckleheads, they're family (aren't they cute?!). They do renovation and construction work, so I asked them if they would come for a visit and build me a pantry.

Guess what... they did!!!

For 4 years, this space was home to my rolltop desk, but from the first day I stepped foot into this kitchen, I envisioned a wide pantry on this wall. See that tiny little broom closet on the right? Well, the contractor who built my house thought it would be a sufficient pantry. It probably would be sufficient for some families, but I cook big for our brood, so I found this broom-closet-in-disguise to be grossly inadequate, not to mention very difficult to get things in and out of because it's so deep and narrow.

So here we go... this project took a weekend, which included spending several hours at the hardware store buying all the supplies, frequently stopping for meals, watching a little TV here and there, taking a nap or two, and going out for dinner one evening because the kitchen was filled with drywall dust (gasping... need air... help.....).

There was no rush. They gave up their weekend to come to my house, so I wanted them to take their time.

First stop, Lowe's. Men aren't supposed to enjoy shopping, but I think these two were having a pretty good time!

Finally, after waiting 4 looooong years, it was really starting to happen... I was giddy with anticipation!

Whoo-hoo... it's coming along... looking good!!!

WIDE doors - happy, happy!!

Hooray - the doors are installed. Now we need drywall.

I like drywall!

Can you see the door knobs? I worried we wouldn't find ones that matched the existing doors, but we did.

Hooray!!! Can you see me doing cartwheels??? All it needs now is a little paint and some shelving. Stay tuned!

Update... the pantry is complete - click here to see.

Okay you two... ya done good!

Hey, while you guys are still here, what do you think about the possibility of maybe installing some beadboard in the guest bathroom...