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Kitchen Hack: Food Processor Tip

Patricia Reitz

Kitchen Hack:  Food Processor Tip

I love using my super-duper awesome food processor, and I don't mind cleaning the work bowl or the blade, but I absolutely HATE cleaning the lid - it has a silicone seal and it seems just about everything gets logged under that seal.  

BUT NOT ANYMORE!!  If you drape a piece of plastic wrap over the work bowl, then place the lid on, it keeps all the messy bits in the bowl and far away from the lid.  Of course it goes without saying, you can't do this if you plan to use your food processor's feed tube, but if you're just mixing or grinding something in the bowl, this tip will save you lots of headache.  

Ok, let's see this kitchen hack in action.  Grab a piece of plastic wrap. (I love, love, love this easy to use dispenser)

Drape the plastic wrap over the work bowl and click the lid in place.  The plastic will be sandwiched between the bowl and lid. 

Let the food processor do its thing, then remove the lid and look at all the gunk that is stuck to the plastic.  That's all stuff that would normally have splashed up onto the lid. 

Your lid will stay perfectly clean and be ready to use again.  I love this tip and hope you'll find it helpful!