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Kitchen Tip: What's The Best Surface for Baking Cookies?

Patricia Reitz

Silpat vs Parchment - which is better?

Silpat vs Parchment - which is better?

What's the best surface for baking cookies?

Here's a tip I want to share - when I bake a new cookie recipe for the first time, I like to test various baking surfaces to see which one produces the best results.  

is parchment better than silicone when baking cookies?

Here's an example of two cookies that were made from the same recipe and baked side-by-side, on the same sheet pan, at the exact same temperature, for the exact same length of time.  One was baked on parchment paper and the other on a Silpat liner.

In some cases, the finished cookies bake nearly identically, but in this particular case, the cookie baked on the silpat was the clear winner.  

And here's another example - the differences are more subtle than the cookies above, but there are differences.  I'll post larger photos so you can see them better. 

testing baking surfaces - which baking surface is best?

Cookie tops - the ones baked on a Silpat have a much nicer appearance.   The ones baked on parchment are lumpy and seem to have developed a few air holes that broke through the surface.

DSC_8750 (2).JPG

Cookie bottoms - again, the ones baked on a Silpat look so much better.  The ones baked on parchment have wrinkled and unevenly browned bottoms, and you can see where those air holes started - weird.

parchment vs silpat

And here's a different cookie recipe with more dramatic results - as you can see, the cookie baked on parchment stuck so badly that it broke when I tried to pull it from the paper, but the cookie the cookie baked on the sipat released perfectly.