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Favorite Kitchen Things: Jar Key


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Favorite Kitchen Things: Jar Key

Patricia Reitz

Favorite Kitchen Things: Jar Key - ButterYum

Favorite Kitchen Things: Jar Key - ButterYum

If you've ever struggled to open a new jar, you need to get one of these nifty tools.  It's called a Jar Key and it releases the manufacturer's vacuum so you can twist the lid off with ease.

 You just place the jar key on top of the jar so the little feet catch on the bottom edge of the lid.

Then you lift up on the handle slightly until you hear the vacuum release.


That's it.  Now you can twist off the lid with hardly any effort at all.

DSC_2358 (2).JPG

The Jar Key is great for opening vacuum seals canning jar lids too!  I absolutely love it and don't know how I ever lived without it.

Note: this tool works on short lids like the one shown - it doesn't work on tall lids like the ones you'd find on a peanut butter jar or a 2-liter soda bottle.