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Butteryum food blog recipes

Separating Eggs - A Neat Trick

Patricia Reitz

I'm a baker so I usually separate eggs by cracking them into the palm of my hand and then I let the whites funnel through my fingers... but I know some people don't like to get their hands dirty so here's a nifty trick for separating eggs that will keep your hands completely clean. 

Start with an egg that's sitting on a flat surface like this plate - you want the yolk to be sitting up a little higher than the white (I watched someone on TV try this technique with a big bowl full of eggs and it failed miserably.  Why do they let people who obviously never step foot into a kitchen attempt this kind of demonstration on live TV?). 

 I digress.  Okay - so what we want to do is take a clean water bottle and basically suck the yolk up into it by giving the bottle a little squeeze before going in for the yolk.

It's working... check it out!!

 There it goes.

 Cool - right?

Yepper.  Super cool.  Now give the bottle another little squeeze to get the yolk out.