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Trip to England Part I

Patricia Reitz

In light of recent Royal events, I realize I never got around to sharing photos of a trip to England Hubby and I took a few months ago.  It was a fabulous vacation with perfect weather for nearly the entire time we were there.  What a beautiful country - I look forward to returning someday.

We arrived early on a Sunday morning, just in time to rush to a quaint church in the heart of London - the people were incredibly warm and friendly, and they invited us to join them for their monthly lunch after Worship.  We were missing lunch at our own church that day, so it was really neat to be able to fellowship with like minded souls just like we would have done at home.

I never sleep before a flight (and hardly ever during) so I had been awake for 30+ hours by the time church was over.  By that time I was completely exhausted.  Hubby was tired as well so we did quick driving tour of London before heading to our hotel on the Southern coast of Brighton.  It was an overcast day and the photos I snapped on this day were done so through the window of a moving vehicle, so please forgive the quality.

Water Feature at Heathrow Airport - ButterYum

Living plants on building in London - ButterYum

Crowns on top of the street light in London - ButterYum

Koi pond and cemetery in church courtyard, London - ButterYum

Rolls of toilet paper are much smaller in the UK

Thanks for visiting - I'll post Part II soon.