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Trip to England Part IV

Patricia Reitz

This will be the last group of photos I post from my trip to England - thanks for all your lovely comments.  My husband and I ended the week with a 3-day stay at an 18th Century Edwardian Manor nestled amid 12 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.  Despite no internet service and a last minute childcare emergency 4000+ miles away in Virginia, it was the prefect end to a great vacation.  

Massive Cedar of Lebanon Tree with 4 meter diameter trunk - ButterYum

Sorry for the bad pic - it got distorted when I rotated it.  I wish I would have gotten a photo of someone standing in front of that massive tree - you just can't imagine how large it is by looking at the photo.  At the base, the trunk is wider than the length of a car.

This adorable little guy followed me around the gardens.  I'm not familiar with this bird species - does anyone out there know?

This 2nd story corner room was the restroom in our suite.  Notice the windows - the mirrored portions were not visible inside the room because they had been plastered over.  I like the way they were mirrored on outside to maintain the building's appearance.

Breakfast on the terrace overlooking the garden.  Did you catch the palm trees - I was really surprised to see palms growing in England, but I actually saw quite a few of them during our stay.

A life-size game of chess anyone?

I wonder how many people have traveled this staircase over the past 3 centuries.  I love all the moss and lichen on the steps.

Thanks for letting me share my photos!