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Whoo-hoo, My New Storage Closet

Patricia Reitz

Ta-Da! I'm so happy it's finally done.

Remember my pantry project (center) from this past summer? I had it built because the extremely narrow pantry our house came with (far right) didn't adequately serve our needs, but I thought I could put it to good use as a place to store my pots and pans.

This was the closet before its transformation. The wire shelves were deep, too deep - and there were only 4 of them. The wire was flimsy too - it would bend under the weight of whatever was placed on it.

I patched and painted the walls. Then hubby installed the brackets and shelf supports, and cut the shelves to fit.

To be completely honest, this project was very, very low on Hubby's list of priorities, but he finally got it done and earned lots of bonus points in the process.

In the past I stored all my pots and pans in lower cabinets. I had to kneel down and carefully stack and restack in order to get everything to fit - kind of a pain, but I managed. Then I started having the kids put the dishes away. They did NOT share in my vision of a neatly stacked and organized cabinet... they would literally shove things in with no rhyme or reason. Pots and lids were never together. Items would tumble out when I opened the door. And I was constantly worried that my non-stick items would get damaged.


Now each pot and pan has it's own shelf space, lids neatly stored with each pan. I still need to add a few hooks to the walls to optimize unused space, but for now, I can take a deep breath and smile - ahhhhhhhh!

Here's a close-up. Small and seldom used items on the top shelves.

Large and more frequently used items on the bottom shelves. Ignore the missing stock pot - it's currently housing a big batch of soup. Thanks for stopping by.