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Ginger Milk Pudding

Patricia Reitz

Here's a fun dessert for everyone to try.  It's a unique "pudding" made with 3 simple ingredients - milk, sugar, and freshly squeezed ginger juice.  Just combine them and wait about 15 minutes for the magic to happen.  You'll know it's ready when you can balance a small spoon on the surface.  Kind of a cool party trick to entertain your friends and family.  I hope you'll give it a try.

how to make ginger milk pudding - step by step photos

In order to get the ginger juice out of the ginger, you have to grate it.  You can do this using a ginger grater (shown above), a microplane, or the sides of a box grater.  

It's not necessary to peel the ginger, but you can if you want to.  Try using the edge of a spoon to scrape the thin skin from the ginger root.  A vegetable peeler will work too, but it will remove more than just the skin. 

how to make magic ginger pudding

If you use a ginger grater, you'll notice some of the juice collects in the dish.

how to make magic ginger pudding

But I find you can get a lot more ginger juice if you place the pulp in a garlic press or squeeze it between layers of cheesecloth.

how to make ginger milk pudding

Measure 2 teaspoons of the freshly squeezed ginger juice per dessert bowl and set aside for later.

how to make ginger milk pudding - hot to photos

In the meantime, gently heat the milk and sugar together over medium heat until it reaches 165F.   Turn off the heat, but don't pour the milk into the dessert cups yet...

how to make ginger milk pudding

Stir the ginger juice to redistribute the starch granules that have settled to the bottom of the bowls.

ginger milk pudding recipes with how to photos

Immediately pour half of the heated milk and sugar mixture into each bowl and DON'T STIR.  Just let the bowls sit, undisturbed, for about 15 minutes. 

Chinese ginger milk pudding recipe. Chinese ginger milk curd recipe. How-to Photos!

After 15 minutes have passed, the pudding should have set and you should be able to balance a small demitasse spoon on the surface.  Serve warm, at room temperature, or chill for several hours for a slightly firmer texture.

Items used to make this recipe:

Ginger Milk Pudding Curd

makes 2 servings


  • 8 ounces whole milk (milk substitutes won't work)

  • 4 teaspoons granulated sugar

  • 4 teaspoons fresh ginger juice (from a 6-inch piece of fresh, mature ginger)


  1. Peel and grate ginger on a ginger grater, microplane, or the small holes of a box grater.

  2. Squeeze juice from grated ginger by pressing in a garlic press or pinch it between layers of cheesecloth; measure 2 teaspoons of ginger juice into two 4 to 5-ounce dessert cups.

  3. Place milk and sugar in a small, heavy-bottom saucepan and stir to dissolve sugar; heat mixture to 165F.

  4. Immediately remove milk from heat.

  5. Wait - before adding hot milk to ginger juice, stir the ginger juice in each dessert cup to redistribute starch granules have settled to the bottom; immediately pour half the milk mixture into each cup. DO NOT STIR!!!

  6. Wait at least 15 minutes for pudding to set before trying to balance a demitasse spoon on the surface of the pudding.


  • For a slightly firmer texture, chill the pudding for several hours after it sets.