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Butteryum food blog recipes

Penguin Snack Cakes

Patricia Reitz

Are these guys cute or what?  That's what I though when I saw them on Pinterest not long ago.  I've always had a fondness for penguins, and so has my oldest son, so I knew I wanted to make them for a recent family get-together.

You’ll need Swiss cake rolls, tootsie rolls, sugared orange slices, white fondant, and black fondant. Better get a little extra of everything - you know, for snacking.

Cut the sugared orange slices in thirds.

Remove the center section and set it aside for now. Press the two outer sections together (reserve the center section for later).

Squish the two outer sections down to flatten them (they’ll stick together nicely). Set aside.

Now take the reserved center piece and cut a small beak shape; set aside.  This is where the operation gets a little sticky - keep a moist towel and a dry towel handy.  

When you have the appropriate number of beaks and feet, set them aside and move to the next step.

It’s fondant time. You’ll need a 1-inch diameter ball of white fondant for the tummy. For the eyes, you’ll need two 1/4-inch balls of white fondant and two 1/8-inch balls fo black fondant. Be sure to clean your hands well after handling the black fondant so you don’t accidentally discolor the white fondant when you handle it.

Place one of the 1-inch balls of white fondant in the center of your palm.

Flatten the ball into an oval shape.

Place the Swiss cake roll, flat side down on your work surface and place the flattened oval as shown.

Now it’s time to make the eyes. Place the 1/8-inch balls of black fondant on top of the 1/4-inch balls of white fondant.

Gently press the two together.

I see you!

Place the eyeballs on the penguin as shown. They should have no trouble sticking, but if they don’t, warm them in your hands slightly, then try again.

Now place the beak under the eyes, again, it should be sticky enough to hold in place all by itself. We’re almost done.

Now it’s time to make the wings. You’ll need one small tootsie roll per penguin.

Cut the tootsie roll in half.

Knead each half into an oblong shape, then flatten each into the shape of a wing. Attach to the sides of the penguin, just below the eyes. The tootsie roll wings don’t stick as easily as the other parts - use the heat of your hands to make sure they’re soft and sticky before attaching.

Place the feet on a bed of snow (sugar) and top with the assembled penguins.