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Scrambled Eggs For Dinner!

Patricia Reitz

Scrambled Eggs - ButterYum

Scrambled Eggs - ButterYum

I have a good friend who likes to say, "A woman only has so many meals in her". What she means is, you can't be a gourmet chef every night of the week. Boy do I understand that! So when I'm not feeling the whole gourmet vibe, I like to make something simple like egg, and scrambled eggs are my favorite. 

I start by beating a few eggs in a bowl and heating up a big cast iron skillet. I've been using this one for 20 years. See how nice and black it is?

Well, about 10 years ago all that black disappeared when my hubby decided to surprise me by making dinner. Boy was I surprised... dinner from a man who doesn't cook AND 10 years of hard work destroyed all in one fail swoop.

You see, my beloved's intentions were wonderful, but he simmered tomato sauce in my skillet for hours. Highly acidic tomato sauce. Do you know what highly acidic tomato sauce does to a very black, very well seasoned 10 year old cast iron skillet??? Sigh.

Well, 10 more years have passed now and I'm happy to report my pan is finally back to its former well seasoned glory after a decade of TLC. That, and watching it like a hawk whenever my husband steps foot into the kitchen, which thankfully, doesn't happen very often. (I love you honey, but don't use my pan again)

Oh, back to the eggs. When the skillet is nice and hot, I melt a pat of butter (of course).

Now I pour in the beaten eggs and stir, stir, stir with one of my heat proof silicone spatulas. See how the eggs aren't sticking? That's what a well seasoned cast iron pan will do for you!

Voila! The eggs are done in 30-45 seconds flat.

(take that Rachel Ray)

Sprinkle with salt and pepper, a little parsley for color, and a touch of dried marjoram if you like - marjoram is related to oregano, but has a more delicate flavor that goes very well with eggs.