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Butteryum food blog recipes

Triple Chocolate Whammy Cupcakes

Patricia Reitz

Oh dear... I really don't need these, but today is a very special day.

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday. She's a true chocolate lover, so these triple chocolate whammy cupcakes were right up her alley!

Here's the first part of the Triple Chocolate Whammy - the German Chocolate cupcake batter recipe is from Rose's Heavenly Cakes (man are they good).

Part 2 - I used a squirt bottle to fill the cupcakes with chocolate ganache syrup...

Lots of ganache syrup.

But that wasn't quite enough chocolate... so I used an Ateco 808 tip and piped on a kid friendly dose of Chocolate-Egg White Buttercream, also from Rose's Heavenly Cakes. Let's just say these were a huge hit in the classroom.

A couple helpful observations...

Next time I'll use only the paper liners, or only the foil liners, but using both as the recipe suggested results in a kind of slippery accident waiting to happen when placed inside a cupcake carrier.

Also, the recipe suggested spraying the paper liners with Baker's Joy, but that seemed far too messy, fussy, and prone to oil blobs on the paper liners so I skipped the step entirely and I'm happy to report the paper liners pulled way from the cupcakes just fine.



Happy Fall everyone, and Happy Birthday Little One.