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Freezing Peaches

Patricia Reitz

Freezing Peaches - ButterYum

Freezing Peaches - ButterYum

I absolutely love when fresh peach season arrives.  Peaches make an appearance in my morning smoothies so here is the easiest and most simple technique I've found to preserve these sweet summer fruits.  

how to freeze peaches for smoothies - ButterYum

Start with clean, ripe peaches.  I find the less the peaches are handled, the nicer they look so I don't peel them, but you certainly can if you like (my favorite technique for peeling peaches can be found here).   

You'll need some freshly squeezed lemon juice to make an acidulated water dip that will help preserve the peaches color. 

The acidulated water is made of 1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice and 4 parts water. 

Simply cut the peaches into wedges and dunk the in the acidulated water. 

Then place the peach slices on a silpat lined sheet pan and pop them in the freezer for several hours until firm.

After the peaches have frozen solid, transfer them to a freezer-safe container for long term storage.

If you plan to use the peaches within a month or so, you can use a standard zipper storage bag.  For longer storage, use a vacuum sealer (here's the one I have).

how to make pureed peaches for smoothies - ButterYum

An even quicker peach preparation to use in smoothies is to place the slices (not frozen) in a heavy duty blender and give them a blitz.  Then portion individual amounts into small freezer bags.  As you can see, the color has darkened a bit, but that's fine with me since the puree is going into this smoothie recipe.  

Note:  Freshly squeezed lemon juice can be added to help preserve the color, but that would change the overall flavor of the peaches so I opted to not do that.  

Items used in this technique:

Freezing Peaches

makes 8 servings


  • 4 ripe peaches, washed and dried

  • 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

  • 2 cups cold water


  1. Peel peaches if desired.

  2. Cut peaches in half and remove pit; cut peach halves into 8 wedges.

  3. In a small bowl, combine lemon juice and water; dip peach slices into water and place in a single layer on a silpat lined half sheet pan.

  4. Freeze for several hours or overnight; transfer to freezer-safe container for long-term storage.

Freezing Cherries

Patricia Reitz

Freezing Fresh Cherries - ButterYum.  now to freeze cherries.  how to freeze fresh cherries.  how to freeze bing cherrie.  how to freeze sweet cherries.

Fresh cherries are in season and I thought I'd show you how easy it is to freeze them for future use.  This technique works for sweet or tart cherries.  

how to freeze fresh cherries - ButterYum

Start with clean cherries.  Remove all stems and pits.  I like to use this nifty cherry pitter - it's kind of fun.... and as you can see, a little messy too.  Totally worth it though.

Place the pitted cherries in a single layer on a sheet pan and pop them in the freezer for a few hours or overnight.  I've lined my pan with plastic wrap to keep the cherries from sticking and for easy cleanup.  Parchment paper would work too. 

If you have a side-by-side freezer, a quarter sheet pan should fit.

how to pit and freeze sweet or tart cherries - ButterYum

Here's how my cherries looked after they were frozen overnight.

prepping fresh cherries for storage in the freezer - ButterYum

Transfer the frozen cherries in a freezer-grade storage bag and place in freezer.  That's all there is to it.

Items used:

DIY Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Patricia Reitz

DIY Sun-Dried Tomatoes - ButterYum

DIY Sun-Dried Tomatoes - ButterYum

Tomato season is winding down here in VA and I have a wonderful way to prolong the life of all those cherry tomatoes bursting out of your garden.  Everybody love sun-dried tomatoes, but do you know how they're made?  They're placed outside  and allowed to dry naturally, uncovered and exposed to all kinds of misc debris floating around in the air (dust, pollen, and yes, bugs).  I prefer a more controlled environment - a clean, dust-free, pollen-free, bug-free dehydrator.   

Wash and cut your little tomatoes in half length-wise.

Place them cut side up on dehydrator trays, allowing space between them so the air can flow freely around each tomato.  Give them a light sprinkling of Kosher salt.

Stack up as many trays as you need and turn on the dehydrator.  The total time will vary greatly depending on the size of your tomatoes, but mine took about 14 hours on a very low setting, rotating the racks every few hours.  Follow the guidelines give by your dehydrator or just check them periodically, removing individual tomatoes as they're done.  I like them to remain on the soft and chewy side - they'll feel flexible and leathery, but they won't exude any moisture when pressed between your thumb and forefinger.  If you let them dehydrate longer, they'll turn crispy - great for snacking, but if you want to cook with them, reconstitute them in warm water until pliable before using.  

DIY Sun-Dried Tutorial, how to make sun-dried tomatoes with step by step photos, dehydrated tomatoes with how-to photos

I like to store my dried tomatoes in the fridge, in a pretty, repurposed jam jar filled with really good olive oil.  Use in recipes, on salads, or just snack on them.  They'll last for many months in the fridge.  Enjoy! 

how to make your own sun-dried tomatoes, technique and step-by-step photos