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I Have Very Happy Feet!

Patricia Reitz

Gelpro ButterYum
Gelpro ButterYum

Look what I got for Christmas from my wonderful Mother and Father-in-law - a

Gelpro Mat


Soft and squishy to the tootsies. My feet are so happy :).

So much more comfortable than standing on that horrible ceramic tile floor!

If anyone has thought about getting one, think no more - go get it!

Okay, time to put that mat to good use while I make dinner.



Blogger Avivaleah has asked me how my Gelpro Mats have held up since I got them.  My 72-inch long mat is almost 3 years old and my matching 36-inch mat is almost 2 years old.

Overall, I'm very happy with them.  They haven't lost any of their cushy comfy shock absorbing qualities at all.  And they're completely impervious to all stains (and believe me when I say we've spilled absolutely every messy thing possible).  Dry dirt like crumbs, flour, and sugar sweep off easily, and messy liquids like tomato sauce and splashes of hot oil wipe off beautifully with a damp cloth, leaving absolutely no evidence behind.

The edges of my mats have started to get a little wavy, but I honestly hadn't noticed until I was asked about it.  Also, my older mat has developed 2 small stress cracks, which haven't spread since I noticed them, but if you look at the photo, it seems logical to assume the cracks are due to the pattern of my mats.  Other patterns are available, so maybe one without creases would hold up a bit longer.

I should also note both mats slip around a bit on my ceramic tile floor - not as much as a rug would, but still, I find myself straightening or adjusting them at least once a day.  It's a small pain, but one I'm willing to live with considering how comfortable they are to stand on.